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Putting It On The Web

Congratulations! You have your web pages written. What's the next step? Well, you need to find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) so that you can store your pages on a server.
Follow one of these links to find a local ISP:


Regional Service Providers (by area code)

Here are some places where you can store your personal, non-commercial pages free.
Some of these only offer free web pages to those with an account, but many are just plain old free.

Aladdin (UK)

BHI's Homesteading on the World Wide Web

Buffalo Freenet

GeoCities Homesteading on the World Wide Web

I Connection, Inc.

Homepages for the Homeless

MarketNet (UK)



Phrantic's Trailerpark

The Sprawl


TurnPike Metropolis

Xenon Productions (For artists)

If you know of any other servers that provide free space, please let me know.

Thanks to Jon Pennycook for several of these sites.

Next, you'll want to announce your site to the world.
Here are some great places to start:


Submit It!

World Wide Web Worm


Whats New: Mosaic

Whats New: Netscape

What's New Too Submit Page

Who's Who on the Internet

Add to Yahoo


Netscape Color Tables

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