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Welcome to this ancient tape list -- first posted on the Web in mid 1995. I used to trade a fair amount of tapes, and was a taper on and off from '87 to '93. I'm still looking for a real good copy of my first Dead show: William & Mary Hall 9/12/73.

If you have a high quality copy of that show to trade, and see something here you'd like, email me: gordon@hake.com. Please understand that I am too busy to spin for blanks, and may not be able to respond to every email, although I do try. Thanks, and happy browsing!

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Date	        Location			        Min     Src.   Gen.   Qual.

11-09-91	Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA		190	Aud	0	A-
11-07-91	Capital Centre, Landover, MD		100	Aud	0	A-
11-06-91	Capital Centre, Landover, MD		180	Aud	1	A-
04-20-91	Warfield, San Francisco, CA		90	Aud	-	B+
02-03-91	Warfield, San Francisco, CA		150	Sbd	-	B+
	     	(Jerry & David Grisman acoustic)

09-15-89	Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI		90	Aud	1	B+
	     	(w/Clarence Clemons)

09-03-89	Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA		180	Aud	1	A-
09-02-89	Merriweather Post, Columbia, MD		135	Aud	1	B+
09-01-89	Merriweather Post Columbia, MD		135	Aud	1	B+
3-03-89II	Orpheum, San Francisco, CA		90	Aud	2	A-
10-21-87	Lunt-Fontanne, New York, NY		125	Sbd	-	A-
	     	(Black Mountain Boys--Acoustic-35 min., Electric-90 min.)

10-17-87	Lunt-Fontanne, New York, NY		125	Sbd	-	A-
	     	(Black Mountain Boys--Acoustic-55 min., Electric-65 min.)

08-30-87	Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA		90	Aud	-	A-
	     	(Think & Knockin' On Heaven's Door w/Bonnie Raitt)

08-11-84	Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ		90	Aud	-	B+
12-02-83	Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA		100	Sbd	3	A-
11-27-83	Constitution Hall, Washington, DC	25	Aud	-	B+
06-01-83	Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY		135	Aud	1	B+
05-31-83	Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY		45	Aud	1	B+
05-30-83	Bushnell Mem. Hall, Hartford, CT	90	Aud	-	B+
11-03-82	Riverboat President, New Orleans	90	Aud	-	B+
06-22-82	The Mosque, Richmond, VA		135	Aud	-	C-

4-10-82a	Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ		90	Aud	-	A-
	     	(Jerry solo acoustic)

03-07-82	The Saddlerack, San Jose, CA		90	FM	-	B+
06-26-81	Warfield, San Francisco, CA		90	Sbd	-	B
	     	(w/Phil Lesh)

03-17-80	Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ		30	Aud	-	B
2-29-80b	Calderone Theater, Hempstead, NY	90	FM	-	B
	     	(Tiger Rose & Promontory Rider w/Robert Hunter)

02-17-80	Laher Hall, SUNY, Oswego, NY		90	FM	-	B+
2-12-80a	Lisner Aud., Washington, DC		90	Aud	-	B+
07-20-79	Rio Theatre, Rodeo, CA			90	Sbd	-	B+
03-08-79	Cabaret, Cotati, CA			90	Sbd	-	B+

9-20-76a	Astor Theater, Reading, PA		90	Aud	-	B+
12-20-75	Winterland, San Francisco, CA		90	Sbd	-	B+
05-21-75	Keystone Berkeley, Berkeley, CA		90	Sbd	-	B+
	     	(Legion of Mary)

04-19-75	Oriental Theatre, Milwaukee, WI		55	Sbd	-	A-
	     	(Legion of Mary)

12-15-74	Great American Music Hall, SF		90	Sbd	-	A-
	     	(Legion of Mary)

04-20-74	Hollywood, CA				60	Sbd	-	A-
	     	(Great American String Band)

02-09-74	Rheem Theatre, Orinda, CA		90	Sbd	-   	B+
	     	(Jerry & Merle Saunders)

09-01-72	Keystone Korner, SF, CA			135	Sbd	-   	A-
	     	(Garcia & Wales)

02-06-72	Pacific High Studios			90	Sbd	-	B-
	     	(Garcia & Wales)

Quality Ratings Defined: "A+" Master soundboards. The stuff you'd hear at Healy's house (or maybe Gans'). "A" The best I've got. Only very low generation soundboards and excellent FM tapes qualify. "A-" Good tapes, but not quite up to the above standard. Highest rating for any audience tape--even my best masters. "B+" Real strong tapes, but with some hiss or minor problems. If you want the show, don't hesitate. "B" These tapes are just "OK". They have hiss and/or other problems. You know the deal. "B-" Substantially deficient--still listenable. Must've been a great show, or I was there and don't have a better copy. "C" Sound pretty bad---Why do I keep these dogs? See above reasons...
OTHER INFORMATION: I prefer Maxell tape--minimum "XL II"---ideally "XL IIS" or "MX". I don't use noise reduction of any kind, except on some of my audience masters, which were recorded with "dbx" or "Dolby B", and would prefer that you dub tapes for me without noise reduction. The tapes I dub for you are played back on the deck that recorded the tape, when possible, onto a Nakamichi BX-150, Sony TC D-5M, or Marantz PMD 430, with record levels as high as possible without clipping (peaking occasionally at +5-7 dB). I clean and demagnetize my decks regularly, and use virgin tapes.

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