Jerry Garcia

Messages of Condolence and Love

Date: Fri, 11 Aug 95 21:01:14 -0700

I offer my sincerest condolences to all of Jerry's family,
friends, and band partners.   Although my experience with
the Grateful Dead has been virtually none, I have come to 
understand what an impact this man's ideals had on the
thousands of his loyal fans.  I regret his loss and the fact
that I was not more involved.  Be strong and always know
that he is in a much higher place where pain is nowhere
to be seen.  Thank You....

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 00:01:37 EDT

It's sad to see the passing of not just an icon but a symbol
of hope, of a lifestyle-- of so much promise. Life in general
has taken on a much harder edge in the past 20 or so years
and we need to be reminded of what is and was the essence of the 
human spirit--I am afraid that a significant
part of that essence has left us this week.  Let all of us
strive to keep Jerry's spark alive in us --for as long as we
can make a difference than Jerry Garcia will live in our
hearts, in our minds and in our souls.  We must never
let his contributions be diminished but we must go on-- at
least we have Jerry's model of what the world could be
and still can be.
Howard Rubin

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 02:49:59 -0700
From: Ranney Munro 
Subject: JG

My heart aches with yours.R.

Ranney Munro

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 04:20:24 -0700
From: Dann Clark 
Organization: United States International University
Subject: Some thoughts on Jerry

IT has been hard to keep my eyes dry these last few days.  I admit, 
Wednesday I did not stop crying all day, then I examined the message
that Jerry gave us, once the reality had sunk in.
Jerry always told us to be happy, to emjoy life, and to LOVE one another.
Jerry, we loved you, more than words can describe.
You were not an idol, an icon, an entertainer.. you were a friend,
an uncle, you were, and always will be, Poppa.

I'll never forget the sheer Joy you provided me in the 13 years I was a
truly DEADICATED fan, though I heard my first dead song about 16 years 
ago.  It took about 3 years, until I was 14 to really catch on.
You were one of the focal points in my life, and will remain so.
You are not dead, Poppa, you have merely left the shell you were confined 
in.  A shell that was worn out, a shell that you knew needed repair.
I bid you peace, Poppa.  I love you.
For Debby, I wish you well.  I know that what Jerry wants is for us to 
all remember the good times, to remember the joy, to remember the 
A note to the band, as well.. Please go on.. after all, when we go to 
your shows
"we're not doin' this for fun, ya know" - Poppa, 5/20/95

With much love and my deepest regards.

                          Dann Clark

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 05:32:57 -0700 (PDT)
X-Personal_name: john conniff
Subject: this life was just a dream 

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 10:47:58 -0700
From: Fletcher Harkins 
Organization: Traveller Information Services

Dear  Family of Jerry Garcia, 

Even though we are only fourteen we are really big fans of the Grateful 
Dead.  We are truly sorry about Jerry's death.  We wish you our deepest 

                                       Justin Green and Cristi Harkins

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 11:58:15 EDT
Subject: my deepest sympathies

Jerry's passing is not merely the loss of an individual it marks for 
me a true turning point in my life. His music

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 13:31:14 -0700

My deepest sympathy to family, band members and friends.

Go in peace old friend.

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 19:55:22 0600
From: william menz 
Organization: The University of Texas at Austin

When I heard the news of Jerry's death it was like I lost a father 
figure.  Four years ago I lost my real father and through that time the 
Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia have gotten me through a lot of difficult 
times.  There was always something to look ahead to.  When my dad died I 
needed something to grasp to and I got it in the dead.  I received more 
phone calls from family and friends on Wednesday than I did on my 
birthday last month.  My mom, sisters, everyone was simpathetic, because 
even though to some people Jerry symbolized drugs and the 60s he also 
symbolized peace and happiness.  A Grateful Dead show was the greatest 
gathering that has ever or will ever happen again.  Music was the key.  
At a dead show now one cared how close to the stage you were, you just 
wanted enough room to dance.  I just wanted to send my regards to family 
and friends of Jerry Garcia which numbers millions of people across this 
great country.  Jerry GArcia and his music created a subculture in 
American society that must live on after his death.

From: "Jaba M. Noah" 
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 15:44:13 -700
Subject: Goodbye

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 18:04:59 -0700
From: Bonnie Friedman 
Subject: Jerry

Dear Garcia Family,

I have been a deadhead since I was 17 years old.  I'm 43 now. Of all the 
music I've listened too  it was the Deads that inspired me. My children 
ages 14 and 18 years old have been cradled to sleep by you.  When I moved 
into my new home we celebrated by playing dark star.  I walked down the 
aisle to one more Saturday night. And entered the room to truckin..I feel 
your loss.  My oldest daughter is diabetic. I felt an undescribeable 
kinship with Jerry. His been there for all the joys and sorrow of my 
life.  I even mailed him an invitation to my wedding.  This is a very big 
loss for us all.


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 16:09:25 EDT
Subject: condolences

I only saw him in concert once, but he still touched my life!
good luck!
Billy Fine

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 16:22:52 EDT
Subject: JERRY

Jerry was truly an inspiration to all of us. He brought generations 
of fans together, he was a genius. Thank You

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 17:32:10 EDT


                         DEREK& MIKE

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 17:58:22 -0400
From: Jamie 
Organization: Chaos, Inc
Subject: Damn..

To Jerry's kin--
 Im sorry for your pain. The loss is irreplacable. I hope the love you 
feel from us helps a little. I never met Jerry, except with about 40,000
other people from time to time. I'll miss him more than I think I can
                               Love, Jamie

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 18:36:13 EDT
Subject: Jerry=Love

I would like to offer my condolences.  I would like to say that Jerry 
was our teacher.  Jerry has tought me how to love and to live.  His 
word and dreams shall live forever.  More people have heard and 
learned from him than Jesus Ghandi Martin Luther King and Budha 
together.  He will live forever in his words of peace and shall live 
in all our hearts and minds.  His word will be spread such as the 
word of those I have mentioned.  Jerry is the eyes of the world and 
we shall continue to learn from him.  OHM

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 13:31:59 0000
From: Kenneth Romero 
Organization: 3rd Wave Design & Consulting

We grieve with you here on Kauai.  

    K e n n e t h     R o m e r o

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 16:50:28 -0700
Subject: To our friends...

To all-

"Death is merely a milestone on the road to rebirth"  
from the Tibetan BOOK OF THE DEAD.

                        From your friend,

                                        Grateful Ed

From: Greg 
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 17:05:30 -700
Subject: love and peach to all...

you made us made us made us happy and
now we must bid will truly be missed but will
never really and peace...may you be in a more
beautiful place.....condolences to all....

Tracy Jakich Guest  Tempe AZ
Diane Jakich  Cedar Rapids IO
Jeff Guest  Tempe AZ
Greg Khalstorf  Phoenix  AZ
Patty Brownlee  Boston MA

...He made our worlds a better place.

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 19:02:51 -0700
From: Dan Mueller 
Subject: Love Jerry Bye

Thank you for sharing Jerry with us. He is a binding factor in our lives.
Personally, I feel as though I've lost a dear family member. Peace 
blessing upon your lives.

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 20:30:06 EDT

May he rest in peace. 

Please accept my condolences

elizabeth o'connor

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 20:01:11 0000
From: david robertson 

I offer my condolences to the loss of Jerry Garcia,
He truly held a place in my heart as one of the finest musicians and 
people that have ever lived on this earth.  His music carried me through 
both bad times and good times but always left me feeling wonderful 
regardless of the situation.

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 18:27:09 -0700
From: Michael Marziale 
Subject: Jerry

Jerry Garcia gave me so much joy through his music and his being.
And now he is no-being and I miss him greatly.  Now is the time to
hope there is an afterlife and he is tripping in it lightly, surrounded
in heavenly light and bliss.  God bless you, Jerry Garcia, we're greatful 
you were here.

From: Eric & Pamela Granger 
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 22:53:55 -500
Subject: God Bless...

God Bless you friends left behind,

 May you all find solace and peace of mind.

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 95 03:37:04 0700
From: Internet Literacy Consultants 
Organization: Internet Literacy Consultants
Subject: Mourning the loss of Jerry

We all have faults, and we all have to die.

I'm still sorry it happend to him now, and to all of us.

-Matisse Enzer

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 20:35:56 -0700
Sender: root@benefits
From: "0000-Admin(0000)" 

Jerry lives on in all of us who were touched by his very special spirit.

The crew at Dead Head TV

From: tim thomas 
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 21:20:11 -700

Our thoughts & prayers are with you during this difficult time.  

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 95 04:40:02 0500
From: Patrick McGraw 
Organization: Wolfram Research

Millions of us grieve.  More perhaps will carry it on.

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 23:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: To Jerry
X-Personal_Name: Dave Nakamura

Now that it's all over it seems like we're all looking back
over the years.  Jerry and the Grateful Dead have changed
so many lives for the better.  The tours, the  wild shows,
the friendships. We're all better people for the Dead having
been with us for so long.  What better compliment can one make?
Fare thee well jerry

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 95 01:16:59 0000
From: cj manetta 
Subject: lovelight


you are the light of my life.  b at peace in forever! As you knock on 
heaven's door look for my daddy and toast to the incredible lives that 
you both had. Always remember the hopeful loving children that
remain to carry out your enduring peacefulness.  i will miss u chief!!

my deepest simpathies to the band/family/and all who mourn this great 
loss. i try to focus on the positive memories but it just hurts so much.
the music never stops and i will never forget the rain soaked pittsburgh 
show as jerry's hair blew in the wind and i felt free. see you upstairs

always casey jones 

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 95 00:34:31 -0700
From: Robin Spalding 
Subject: Farewell Jerry...

  My heart goes out to all those in Jerry Garcia's family, immediate & 
extended.   We all lost someone central to our lives last Wednesday.   In 
time, we will be able to carry on and continue the journey.   In time. 

  I know the energy and the spirits of those of us left behind will not 
fade away, but grow and become even more powerful.   I've seen so many 
messages here and on the WELL and elsewhere... I know so many more 
messages are in peoples hearts and are being heard in other ways.   All 
the messages of love, sympathy, thanks, farewell... all these feelings 
from so many people all over the world show that although someone we love 
is gone from this realm, his meaning and spirit live on in us.   


     Robin Spalding
     Berkeley, CA

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 1995 04:43:22 -0400
Subject: Jerry's passing

Loss is hard; the support of millions of us out here can only
help so much.  It is at night, and in the quiet times, that a
loved one passed away is missed the most.

Jerry's music was special because it was transcendant
--it transcended mere notes and rhythm strung together
to become something more, something with an existence
of its own. From what I understand, in this sense his music
was an extension of him as a person.

His passing reminds me of my own mortality, of the
mortality of all living things. But despite the ending of
our lives, nothing really ever ends, but transitions from
one form to another. And, at the same time, "If the 
thunder don't get you then the lightning will!"

He'll be missed, that's for sure. Since I haven't considered
myself a Deadhead or been an active fan for several years,
I am surprised by the strength of my own reaction to his
death. This is, I think testimony to the strength of his
influence: on my music, but also on the way I think about things.

May you have peace--especially in the quite times.

Mark Kaswan

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